Leather Underwear - Going Beyond the Bedroom

If you are in the market to buy the ultimate in lingerie, there is nothing sexier than leather underwear for both men and women. However, this being said not every woman may want to wear a pair of leather panties; they are only for those who are fully aware of their own sexuality. They are not really for those ladies who are very modest by nature; this type of lingerie is definitely for the outgoing adventurous type of woman. Leather can be called sensual, sexy or even highly erotic and yet none of these words can adequately express the true pleasure that one can experience when wearing it.

What's the Big Deal about Leather?

For most people the idea of leather underwear conjures up images of the female dominatrix dressed in a leather corset with a leather whip in hand, with her male submissive cowering on the floor in front of her. While there are certainly many who thoroughly enjoy this type of sexual role play, this is not the only scenario when it comes to wearing leather panties and a leather bra. In fact many people just prefer the look and feel of leather against their skin.

The leather that is used for today's underwear is far more soft and supple than ever before. Although it may be cool to the touch when you first put it on, it soon warms up and becomes more like a second skin than just another piece of underwear. One of the most erotic forms of leather underwear has to be the harness style of underwear. Designed to be the most revealing underwear you will ever own, harnesses are made to leave practically nothing to the imagination, yet at the same time let your lover know that you are still in control.

After Hours Delights

If you are looking to truly spice up your love life and turn it in a new direction, consider purchasing some bound leather underwear. Unlike a standard pair of leather panties and a leather bra, this harness style of underwear consists of more chains than it does leather. These chains are used to hold very small pieces of leather in strategic places and leave practically nothing to the imagination. With a bound leather harness you will find that it usually comes in two pieces, whereas the standard leather harness comes as a single piece.

While not what some might consider outerwear, when you go shopping for leather clothing of any kind you might be surprised to find that a leather mini skirt is included in the list. A good leather mini skirt and a leather top can be a very sexy way to dress up for a night out on the town or going clubbing. Of course the same can be said of staying home with your lover and spending a night of passion and romance mixed with a little role playing action in the bedroom.

All of this points to the simple fact that nothing is sexier than leather when it comes to underwear or clothing in general. Once considered only for those who enjoying diverse sexual pleasures, leather is no longer just to hide in the bedroom, in recent years it has become far more acceptable and mainstream.