Fetish Wear - Out of the Closet at Last

For many years those people who have a sexual fetish that involved some form off fetish wear have felt more or less obligated to keep their particular feelings and desires hidden from the rest of the world. However, in the last few years what was once kept behind locked doors with the drapes pulled closed has now become far more mainstream and acceptable to the public. Perhaps this is a sign of the times as we as a society are learning to have more respect for our needs and desires.What exactly is Fetish Wear? 

When you hear the words fetish clothing the first thing that probably goes through your mind is a dominatrix dressed in one of those all black leather fetish outfits and a pair of stiletto shoes or boots cracking a whip. While this indeed would come under the auspices of fetish wear, there are so many other types of clothing that fall into this all encompassing category. Sadly the average person tends only to think of the most outlandish clothing when they hear the words fetish and clothing in the same sentence.

While it is very true that some of the fetishes do indeed include leather and rubber clothing, there are other forms of fetish wear that can be as simple as wearing a particular fancy dress costume and enjoying a little role playing fun. The fetish outfits for this do not even have to be made of any particular material as long as those involved get to indulge in their favorite fetish along with the appropriate sexual intimacy that comes with it.

Two of the More Common Fetishes

As previously mentioned one of the most common fetishes and also one that tend s to draw more attention than all of the others combined is a leather fetish. There is something special about the feeling of leather against your naked skin that can be very arousing and for the dominatrix leather is definitely the material of choice. In the case of men it may come in the form of leather underwear of leather outer wear such as leather pants or complete leather suits.

Often is not just the feel of the leather that is found to be erotic it is also the smell of the leather and the sound that it makes as the person wearing it moves around. Often you will find that leather is associated with bondage as most of the gear and restraints used in bondage is made from leather, used for its inane strength and suppleness.

Among the other fetish outfits that are extremely popular are those made from PVC. Perhaps the attraction to PVC comes partly from the fact that shiny black PVC clothes look very similar to patent leather and partly because unlike leather it will stretch to fit far more skintight than leather. For whatever reason, the PVC fetish is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ones amongst those who like to add a little fun and variety to their sex life.